Auritaly, 100% Italian,

100% certified Organic.



Thanks to the quality of our raw materials coming from the organic farming, all our products have been granted a precious and severe AIAB (Italian Institute for Organic Agriculture) Bio Eco Cosmetics Certification.


The Companies certified by this authority, which is the first organic cosmetics recognition created in Italy over 10 years ago, guarantee the compliance with specifications and the use of good practices related to the absence of non-vegetal raw materials which are allergic or irritant and the use of agricultural and zootechnical products from certified Organic Farming.


Here below you can find the synthesis of guidelines that certify the Bio Eco Cosmetics:


Vegetal raw materials, understood as plants or parts of plants, must preferably come from organic farming or from certified organic spontaneous harvesting.


The organic production method must be certified in accordance with Regulation (EC) 834/2007 or other equivalent regulations; alternatively, the vegetal raw material could be certified in accordance with the private standards recognized by the equivalent Certification Body.


From time to time, the Certification Body could accept the raw materials different from the above mentioned issues, provided that the appropriate documentation has been submitted by the operator.


For each cosmetic product certified under the present procedural guideline at least one certified organic raw material must be used. Are anyhow excluded genetically modified or exposed to ionizing radiation vegetal raw materials.


Are as well excluded plants or parts of plants at a risk of extinction; it is allowed the use of these raw materials when coming from cultivation.


For further details please refer to the site where a complete procedural guideline in PDF format is available for download.